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A Spy's Guide to Thinking (Kindle Single)

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Compare your thinking to a spy's way of thinking.

In the #1 Kindle Single A Spy's Guide To Thinking, a former spy puts you in his head. How do you respond to an attack? How do you think through the options? How do you make a good decision?  

In a 45 minute read, John Braddock tells you how he thought through a dangerous encounter. He tells you the options he considered. He tells you the decisions he made. He tells you how he ended up bloody, but it could have been worse. 

He shows you two tools for thinking.

The first tool shows you the essential elements of thinking.  

The second tool helps you think ahead.  

Together, they're A Spy's Guide To Thinking

Bestselling author John Braddock was a case officer at the CIA. He lived what he teaches. A former university fellow, he now helps people and organizations sharpen their thinking about their strategy, their customers and their competition. 

Buy this book to compare your thinking to a spy's way of thinking.

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