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Faking It: A Single Dad Fake Marriage Box Set

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FAKING IT: is a five-part, very Hot Single Dad, Fake Marriage Romance Series by J.J. Bella. This is the COMPLETE stand alone box set , at one great discounted price!

Sham: Fake Marriage To The Single Dad:
He’s not bad, just a little broken. Someone just needs to make him whole again.

Paul Le Montagne would do anything for his daughter, but his crazy ex-wife doesn’t make it easy for him.
He’s having a little trouble learning that no amount of booze and sexy young supermodels are going to fix the emptiness he feels without his little girl.

Meanwhile, Brittney Haverford is living the opposite lifestyle of Paul in Brooklyn. It’s rent, tuition, and the daily grind that’s breaking her down.

She’s not like all the other girls, and he’s not like any other guy, but can they let themselves believe their love won’t end like all the rest? Can he get back everything he’s lost and at the same time give her everything she’s ever wanted?

Façade: A Billionaire Single Dad Romance:
He had what I needed. I had what he wanted. If everything fits so well, why does it feel so wrong?

Molly’s a stunning, raven-haired Utah native with a flair for interior design. The only thing she’s lacking? Interview skills. When she can’t land a job in the rough, glittering San Francisco Bay Area, she falls back on her experience as a nanny to get by. She only wishes it was as easy to find a real job as it was to nab a babysitting gig.

Molly knew something different was up. A romantic and utterly exclusive restaurant is no place to interview for a nanny position - that is until he dropped the real nature of the job.
Love? No… he’s sworn that off for good.
Sex? Well… he wouldn’t know how to say no to a young and beautiful woman like Molly, but that’s not really what he’s after.

It’s not like that night…well there was definitely something real about that. At least to Molly it was, but he’s not so easy to read.

Imposter: A Billionaire Single Dad Romance:
I knew when I accepted the job that my life was never going to the same. I just didn’t realize how tangled up it would become with the one man I was supposed to avoid at all costs…


Working for an eccentric boss in his mansion while I’m trying to finish college
What I’m not prepared for is a man who is the complete opposite of what I’d always expected.
He loves his daughter with all his heart.
He’s warm. He’s caring.
He’s sinfully sexy.
And he’s interested.

Suddenly things are not as easy as they seem—especially when a certain situation has us pretending to be a couple, and I’m no longer able to fight the temptation…

Ploy: Fake Marriage Single Dad Romance:/
Ever since that kiss in the back alley in Europe, I couldn't get Evan out of my head.

I tried to put it all past me, to just write it off as a simple little drunken thing that wasn't ever going to happen again, but I just couldn't. The dreams that I'd been having had only grown more intense, more real. Last night, I dreamt of him pouncing on me in that back alley, pulling my pants down, turning me around, and having his way with me in the most aggressive manner imaginable. Waking up in the morning, I was more aroused than I'd ever been in my life. It was then that I realized that there was no way I'd be able to ignore the attraction I felt for him; I had to act on it. …

RUSE: Fake Marriage To The Single Dad:
I’m his nanny, and that’s it…. but that’s just between us. To everyone else we are husband and wife now, even though I’m still a virgin….


I’m not a prude, but I wasn’t about to give it up for those college idiots.
He needs me now; his daughter needs me. He seems dark and hard, but that’s just the life of a Navy Seal.

*** All of these books contain a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, no cheating, and plenty of sensuous steam. ***